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Pet Home Care - South Wales Testimonials

Mrs J. Evans. Caerphilly

I was very worried about having my dog taken for the first time. Timmy took to Rebecca immediately and now sees her as one of the family. Timmy loves the day care centre and enjoys all the attention he gets from the people he meets during his walks.

Mark Cooper. Cardiff

Thank you so much Becky for all your help with our dogs. Since the operation on my knee I have had some progress with walking. Don't know how I would have coped without you.

Jenny Price. Blackwood.

Our dog had received help with separation anxiety at Rockwood Dog Training and we were advised by Martin to use this service. I cant believe we did not do this before. Thanks Becky.

Mr Fuller. Bedwas

Day care centre a great idea. my dog loves it and I love knowing he cant run off. He is a Husky, say no more.

Simon + Gemma

It's great for us knowing that unlike some pet sitters, Becky is able to take the dogs up to their "playground" to see their friends and have a nice time while we're at work everyday.

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